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Pilates was created to develop the complete co-ordination of mind, body and spirit to promote suppleness, muscular power, endurance and posture.

It is a small group class consisting of mostly mat work. We focus on working the small stabilising muscles in the body which means movements are controlled and precise.

Classes and exercises are tailored to individual student’s requirements with progressive exercises. Class numbers are limited and run in 6 week blocks. Please contact Anne to book a place

These classes are suitable for all levels from the absolute beginner to athletes wanting to improve their performance.

We have had amazing results in these classes including reduced back / joint pain, increased flexibility, improved athletic performance and posture.


What to expect

Improved: endurance, balance, kinaesthetic awareness, flexibility, joint stability, coordination, muscular strength and posture including a flatter stomach.

Greater: joint mobility, core strength and stability.

Increased efficiency in respiratory and circulatory systems.

Reduced: stress levels, lower back pain and risk of injury.

Stronger: pelvic floor, immune system and improved lymphatic drainage.


We also offer - 1:1 Postural Assessments and Exercise Plans

In addition to the Pilates classes We offer 1:1 postural assessments and an exercise plan designed to meet the your individual needs based on the assessment, your lifestyle and goals.

Please enquire if this is something you are interested in.


Benefits of Pilates

Joint Stability
Back Strength
Core Strength

  • "Friendly group, and fun routines"

    Enjoying Anne's dance fitness classes on a Wednesday night, joined wanting to improve my fitness level and the dance element has the added appeal. Friendly group, and fun routines, although still have to work on my co-ordination, can only improve!

    image Karen
  • "Love my classes"

    I love my classes, love the energy! I especially love all the props we use for different dances.

    image Sue
  • "a new lease of life over the years"

    Love coming to Dance Fit it has given me a new lease of life over the years. The classes are full of energy and Anne is a amazing teacher she loves what she does .Looking forward to many more years of dancing with everyone

    image Sue
  • "Absolutely love going to Anne's classes"

    Absolutely love going to Anne's classes. Been going for a while now. I've met some new friends over the years. The classes are so enjoyable. Love all the dance routines that we do. So keep up the great work that you do Anne

    image Deena
  • "Dance, Dance, Dance"

    Dance, Dance, Dance; Dance fit Makes You Wanna Dance!

    image Della
  • "It doesn't feel like exercise"

    It's great fun! An all over work out, which gets you moving. It doesn't feel like exercise though because it's such a laugh

    image Stephanie
  • "Just moved down to Devon"

    Just moved down to Devon from Surrey and wanted a dance class to enjoy. I have found Chelsea's 50+ class on Wednesday and found the variety of dances is very good. The ladies welcomed me and are very friendly. I will definitely be keeping with this class.

    image Jaqueline
  • "I have only just started"

    Just started these classes and everyone is so friendly. Its a brilliant way to learn to dance, have fun and celebrate being a woman with something to shake.

    image Debbie
  • "I love going to class"

    I love going to class it's so much fun and everyone is so friendly

    image Lesley
  • "made such wonderful new friends"

    I have been coming to dance fit and belly dancing for nearly a year now, I am so happy to of made such wonderful new friends, they make me feel so welcome, loving the classes so much

    image Jo
  • "best things I've ever done"

    Joining Dance fit classes a few years ago was one of the best things I've ever done. The classes are fun, so you never notice how hard you've worked out. However I do notice when I miss a class; I start feeling sluggish. Thankyou Dance Fit

    image Jane
  • "Absolutely love it"

    Fitness. Confidence. Grace. Friendship. Memories. It's not just a wonderful dancing experience. Absolutely love it

    image Emma
  • "I love my classes, love the energy! "

    I love my classes, love the energy! I especially love all the props we use for different dances

    image Sarah
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